Kiran Forest Spa Soaks


Inviting, luxurious spa soaks transform any bath into a refreshing, healing experience. The benefits of soaking the body for relaxation and stress reduction are well-known. I use these soaks to help draw out impurities, soften skin and unwind.

Enjoy the light captivating scent of fresh green botanicals as the Epsom Salts and Sea Salts naturally draw toxins from your body. Beautifully packaged with ribbon and handy abalone shell scoop, this makes a thoughtful hostess gift alone or paired with the Nourishing Foot Cream. Size: 1/2 lb. bag, by Gilden Tree.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Shea Butter**, Ester of Shea Butter**, Fragrance & Essential Oil Blend, Aloe Vera Extract*, Rosemary Extract*.
*Certified Organic **Wildcrafted


  • Model: GT-7216
  • Manufactured by: Gilden Tree

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