3 pc. Luxury Bamboo Bath Towel Set


You are simply going to love these soft, luxurious towels. Did you know that bamboo towels absorb 4 times more water than cotton and has dirt releasing properties which doesn’t allow bacteria to grow? So these towels will stay fresh longer making bleach and fabric softener unnecessary. An eco-friendly option...good for your body AND the planet. Sold in 3-piece sets. Size: Bath towel 28x50" hand towel 16x27" and face cloth 13x13". Available in Natural and Sand.

“Cotton is no longer king, at least when it comes to bath towels. According to our latest tests, those woven from a new, touted blend of cotton and bamboo were about 25 percent softer after laundering, on average, than their all-cotton counterparts.” - Consumer Reports.org.

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  • Model: ECO-TOWLtowels

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