Ocean Park Hoodie, Organic Cotton & Soy

Starting at: $71.00

Everyone needs a soft cozy hoodie and this one is... just right! Made from a Soy/OrganicCotton/Spandex blend it has a smooth silky “skin-feel” and a lovely drape. Spandex gives it that little extra oomph to keep that fitted cut flattering wash after wash. Features two pockets, zipper front and roomy hood, definitely not your average boy cut. Available in Black.

Soy is a natural by-product of normal food production and has been dubbed the “vegetable cashmere” for it’s luxuriously soft hand feel. Organic cotton is grown in certified organic fields without harmful chemicals which means a happier planet!

* Soft eco-friendly 47/47/6 Soy/Organic Cotton/Spandex blend.

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  • Model: H3604

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