Tsi-La Organic Perfume, Fleur Sauvage


Fleur Sauvage: Tantalizing tuberose and seductive jasmine petals have been stimulating passion throughout the ages. The legend of the tuberose warns young girls not to breathe in its bewitching fragrance after dark, for fear of being overcome by desire. These voluptuous white flowers are infused with fresh neroli, Italian bergamot and rich woods.

Tsi-La Perfumes are an exquisite blend of Organic & Natural ingredients. All are produced in artisan size batches from the world’s finest distilled essential oils and plant botanicals. Created in a base of select certified organic and GMO free alcohol. Packaged in a signature black lotus box that completes this perfect gift. Size 4ML roll-on.

* Unfortunately this product may not be shipped to Canada.

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  • Model: TSI-FLEUR

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